Sunday, October 5, 2003

Wild Space

California College of the Arts

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Warped Space at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts

This group show is a retinal safari that explores and questions how moving-image space is constructed, represented and perceived. Featured filmmakers draw from wildly animated inspirations such as stereoscopic vision, horizontal drifts and Saturday morning cartoons to challenge the notion of consensual filmic space. Indeed, these works investigate complex perceptual and cultural spaces that exist between the audience and the screen. The program includes Ken Jacobs’ Flo Rounds the Corner; a live MAX/MSP performance of Untitled (folded space) by Christopher Willits and Scott Pagano; the collagist insanity of Paperrad; Leslie Thorton’s warped Have a Nice Day Alone; Emily Richardson’s eerie Red Shift; Francien van Everdingen’s Hydrophobia; Mark Bain’s Rotodynamics in 3D; and the premiere of Michael Snow’s WVLNT (Wavelength For Those Who Don’t Have the Time), a remix of his 1967 masterpiece Wavelength. (Total Mobile Home)