Saturday, March 8, 1997

Women/Body Function

Five Films About Female Stuff

San Francisco Art Institute

A Benefit for the Women’s Cancer Resource Center
Co-Sponsored by Film Arts Foundation
Special Admission: $7.00

Five award-winning, provocative films which deal with a woman’s various bodily functions- eating, drinking, bleeding, ovulating, fantasizing, obsessing, inseminating, and healing- and with the concept of a woman’s “functioning” in society. Capturing formative bodily experiences women go through in all stages of life, and attempting to understand these experiences personally, politically, and culturally, the films also reveal a variety of female “secrets;” commonly-held beliefs, rituals and fantasies that don’t often get talked about in mixed company. Your Name In Cellulite by Gail Noonan, Period Piece by Jennifer Frame and Jay Rosenblatt, The Match That Started My Fire by Cathy Cook, Tomboy by Dawn Longsdon, and the Bay Area premiere of “swim, swim…” Talking to Sperm And Other Desperate Acts by Wendy Levy, which gives a new twist to the grueling process of trying to conceive a child when one’s body and one’s culture won’t cooperate.