Saturday, March 11, 2006

Women of Color Film Festival x 2

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Presented in Association with Women of Color Film Festival

Two Shows, Special Day and Times
6 pm reception; 7 pm ‘seeking same’; 9 pm ‘tempest tossed’

Cinematheque is honored to host the Women of Color Film Festival for a second year with two shows. WOCFF provides a welcome forum for both emerging and established artists from one of the most creative but underrepresented sectors of the film community. The 7 o’clock program ‘seeking same’ revisits the conundrum of displacement, from the distant mountains that divide Korea to an emotional homecoming in the Philippines. These filmmakers, including Soon-Mi Yoo, Tina Bartolome, Kristina Cervantes-Yoshida, and Isabella La Rocca, attempt to piece together missing parts and re-envision universal cycles of beginnings and endings. At 9 o’clock, in ‘tempest tossed,’ local and international filmmakers including Marianne M. Kim, Crystal H. Weston, Sonali Gulati, and Lauren Woods uncover their inner frustrations, taking on burdens in unexpectedly transformative, sometimes tantrum-like ways. From conflicting identities to unsettling ambiguities, we pay homage to the fluidity of circumstances that both separate and intertwine us in the search for self. WOCFF opens at the Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, March 2-5. For full information: www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/pfa_programs/women_of_color/. (Linda Charmaraman,WOCFF)