Sunday, May 26, 1996

Yoko Ono 3:

With and For John Lennon

San Francisco Art Institute

Our third program of films by Yoko Ono (see Spring 95) features the Ono-Lennon collaborations Ten For Two: Sisters, O Sisters (1972, 4 minute excerpt), documenting Ono’s performance at the Freedom Rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to free the imprisoned Rainbow People’s Party leader John Sinclair; Bed-In (1969, 61 min.), documenting the couple’s week-long protest against the Vietnam War in a Montreal hotel-room, and the assorted chats and debates with guests (Tommie Smothers, Timothy Leary, Jonas Mekas, others) who stopped by. Also included are two short video-films by Ono made after Lennon’s death, Woman (1981) and Goodbye Sadness (1982), which combine home-movie footage of the Lennons with material of Ono alone in New York.