Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HEY! A Dean Snider Birthday Celebration

Part I

Dolby Screening Room

presented in association with New Nothing Cinema
curated & presented by Douglas Katelus

A long time ago or so it seems people made films just for the fun of it. Then someone got the idea that film had to hurt. No pain, no gain. Somehow film showcases decided they were right. Today people still make films just for the fun of it. And we show them at the No Nothing Cinema. (Dean Snider)

A dual-cinema birthday celebration for the late legendary underground San Francisco filmmaker Dean Snider, featuring rarely screened 35mm works and newly preserved 16mm prints. Somewhere in-between we might find ourselves venturing from one venue to another on a large bus with several Mariachi. Between 1979-1992, Dean made over one-hundred films—many produced in the early 1980s during the first years of the No Nothing Cinema, a free underground screening venue that Snider was instrumental in creating. His movies contain the feisty anarchistic sense of energy that No Nothing represented—sarcastic, funny, beautiful, sometimes fast—always engaging, even down the very layers of celluloid in which he hand scratched those initials “D.S.” All the while he created some of the most self-revealing personal films you may ever have the chance of experiencing. (DOUGLAS KATELUS)

Dean Snider: My Little Baby (1986), 2 min.
» : La Mar (1987), 5 min.
» : I’m Beginning to See the Light (1987), 5 min.
» : A Very Unfortunate Story (1987), 3 min.
» : All About Eggs (1991), 3 min.
» : Friends Along the Way (1990), 1 min.
» : Two More (19??), 3 min.
» : The Night Could Last Forever (1985), 9 min.

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