Super 8: An Illustrated History

Super 8: An Illustrated History


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Super 8: An Illustrated History

Author/Editor: Danny Plotnick


Danny Plotnick: Super 8: An Illustrated History
***all copies signed by the author!***

Super 8: An Illustrated History is a coffee table art book showcasing the history of Super-8 filmmaking. In addition to featuring stunning photography documenting the sleek mid-century design of Super-8 cameras and projectors, the book features vintage advertisements and eye-catching illustrations from Super-8’s heyday. Super 8: An Illustrated History also offers up a detailed history of this beloved film medium since it burst onto the film scene in 1965, conquering the home movie market. The book explores the research and development that went into creating a brand new format.

Super 8: An Illustrated History also features interviews with and essays by filmmakers who got their start in Super-8, and with pioneers who were instrumental in the development of the medium. These interviews are revelatory, showcasing how young artists, working with no budgets and with little to no formal training, managed to make impactful movies and give voice to international subcultures. Interviewees include: Richard Linklater (Slacker, Boyhood, Dazed and Confused), Dave Markey (1991: The Year Punk Broke), Rocky Schenck (music video director for Adele, Devo, Nick Cave, The Cramps, Robert Plant), James Mackay on Derek Jarman (The Last of England, Jubilee), Lenny Lipton (The Super 8 Book), Beth B (Black Box), James Nares (Rome ’78), G.B. Jones (The Lollipop Generation), Bruce LaBruce (Super 8 1/2, The Misandrists), Lisa Marr & Paolo Davanzo (Echo Park Film Center), Marc Huestis (The Gay Film Festival of Super-8 Films), Peggy Ahwesh (Martina’s Playhouse), Paul Sheptow (Super-8 Filmaker magazine), Ed Sayers (The Straight 8 Film Festival), Melinda Stone (Super Super 8 Film Festival), Jonathan Tyman (Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival), Norwood Cheek (Flicker zine and screening series), Martha Colburn, Narcisa Hirsch, silt, Matthias Müller, John Porter and Karissa Hahn. On the technical front, the book features interviews with Frank Bruinsma (Super8 Reversal Lab), Bob Doyle (Super8 Sound), Tommy Madsen (Logmar Camera Solutions), Phil Vigeant (Pro8mm) and Roland Zavada (Kodak).

160 pages. Published 2020 by Rare Bird Books.

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