August 21–September 30

presented by San Francisco Cinematheque
curated by Steve Polta 
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CROSSROADS 2020 is the eleventh manifestation of Cinematheque annual film festival, presented online FREE to the public. CROSSROADS 2020 features 85 works of film and video by 71 artists representing 22 countries and territories presented in 9 curated programs. Get the thrill of the festival experience by joining us for a series of scheduled livestreams August 21–29. Can’t make it? Don’t have the time? All programs available on a view-when-desired basis August 30–September 30.

@ www.sfcinematheque.org/festival/crossroads-2020/livestream/


CROSSROADS 2020 program 1
Livestream premiere: Friday, August 21 7pm PST
Ever Westward: Remembering Bruce Baillie

SCREENING: Valentin De Las Sierras (1968); Roslyn Romance (Is It Really True?) (1974); Tung (1966); All My Life (1966); Castro Street (1966); To Parsifal (1963)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 2
Livestream premiere: Saturday, August 22 7pm PST
I am bloodless / I am the cosmos

SCREENING: Camera Sick (2019) by Jeremy Moss (US); It Matters What (2019) by Francisca Duran (Chile/Canada); Fire Fly EYE (2020) by Kerry Laitala (US); noonwraith blues (2019) by Kamila Kuc (United Kingdom/Poland); Demoiselle (2017) by Eeva Siivonen (Finland/Canada); Dusty Wave (2017) by Eeva Siivonen (Finland/Canada); Fragment (1986-1988) by Laura J. Padgett (Germany/US); La notte salva (2019) by Giuseppe Boccassini (Italy/Germany); Locus Suspectus (2019) by J.M. Martínez (US)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 3
Livestream premiere: Sunday, August 23 7pm PST
take this as some kind of signal

SCREENING: Wasteland No. 2: Hardy, Hearty (2019) by Jodie Mack (US); cada vuelta que da una cosa enrollada alrededor de otra (2019) by Bruno Varela (Mexico); Neon Cortex (2019) by Bruno Varela (Mexico); Tear Gas (2019) by Colectivo los ingrávidos (Mexico); Angular Momentum (2019) by Michael Betancourt (US); Sacred Geometry (2018) by Anna Cecilia Seaward (US/Hungary); Meridian (2019) by Calum Walter (US); Starry Starry (2017) by Youngzoo Im (South Korea); It Was Summer When (2019) by Gloria Chung (US)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 4
Livestream premiere: Monday, August 24 7pm PST
all those things you used to feel

SCREENING: Westinghouse One (2019) by Kevin Jerome Everson (US); mockingbird (2020) by Kevin Jerome Everson (US); Die Nacht (2017-2019) by Wenhua Shi (China/US); liminal poem (2019) by Susan DeLeo (US); Luminous Variations in the City Skies (2019) by Giuseppe Spina (Italy); Sympathetic Bodies (2018) by Margaret Rorison (US); Traces (2020) by Carleen Maur (US); where i don’t meet you (2019) by Charlotte Clermont (Canada); Plants Are Like People (2018) by Charlotte Clermont (Canada); Story of the Dreaming Water, Chapter One (2018) by Brittany Gravely (US); The Tower (2019) by Silvestar Kolbas (Croatia); Interbeing (2018) by Martina Hoogland Ivanow (Sweden); My Favorite Object (2019) by Meredith Moore (US)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 5
Livestream premiere: Tuesday, August 25 7pm PST
the rocks crumble 

SCREENING: Hel City (2019) by Gregorio Méndez (Spain); Fantasy of Being in Exile (2019-2020) by Hua Xi Zi (China/US); dream less (2020) by Charlotte Clermont (Canada); Apertures (a brighter darkness) (2019) by Karissa Hahn (US); Einige Orte Dazwischen (A Few Spaces In Between) (2016) by Laura J. Padgett (Germany/US); No Archive Can Restore You (2020) by Onyeka Igwe (United Kingdom); Solitaire (2017) by Laura J. Padgett (Germany/US); Ghosts of our Fallen (2019) by Kit Young (US); tulips are my father’s favourite flower (2018) by Nisha Platzer (Canada); Itinerary of Surfaces (2020) by Carl Elsaesser (US); Distancing (2019) by Miko Revereza (Philippines/US)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 6
Livestream premiere: Wednesday, August 26 7pm PST
theories of obliscence / erasing the grid

SCREENING: Let’s Take a Walk (2018) by Moira Lacowicz (Brazil); Through a Field (2019) by Faith Arazi (US) and Madeleine Mori (US); A Winter Song (2019) by Jon Behrens (US); Specialized Technique (2018) by Onyeka Igwe (United Kingdom); The Losing Battle (2019) by Jean Sousa (US); Signal 8 (2019) by Simon Liu (Hong Kong/United Kingdom); Bathers (2019) by Douglas Urbank (US); to forget (2019) by Lydia Nsiah (Austria); Jeevithaye Mayawa / ජීවිතයේ මායාව / Imitation of Life (2020) by Rajee Samarasinghe (Sri Lanka/US)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 7
Livestream premiere: Thursday, August 27 7pm PST
what do you get when you fall in love?

SCREENING: A Patch of Green (2004-2005) by Luther Price (US); Universal Leader (2020) by Orit Ben-Shitrit (US/Israel); Thorax (2019) by Siegfried A. Fruhauf (Austria); Curious Fantasies (2019) by Jesse McLean (US); International Face (2019) by Natalie Tsui (US); Global Industries (2018) by Phillip Andrew Lewis (US); Billy (2019) by Zachary Epcar (US); Horsey (2018) by Frédéric Moffet (Canada/US); Eastern State (2019) by Talena Sanders (US)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 8
Livestream premiere: Friday, August 28 7pm PST
unknown subjects

SCREENING: Interior (2019) by Zack Parrinella (US); //\///\////\ (2019) by Phillip Andrew Lewis (US) & Michael Robinson (US); Fabricated in the Actual Arctic (After Nanook) (2018) by Matthew Lax (US); Rio Grande Sun (2020) by Courtney Fellion (US) & Linda Scobie (US); Eviction, Demolition (2019) by Karissa Hahn (US); Amuletos (2019) by Colectivo los ingrávidos (Mexico); Mas Paritaria Menos Yuta (2018) by Moira Lacowicz (Brazil/Argentina) & Leonardo Zito (Argentina); We Love Me (2017) by Naween Noppakun (Thailand)


CROSSROADS 2020 program 9
Livestream premiere: Saturday, August 29 7pm PST
as long as there is breath

SCREENING: Girl is Presence (2020) by Lynne Sachs (US) and Anne Lesley Selcer (US); Lore (2019) by Sky Hopinka (Ho-Chunk/Pechanga); Oh My Homeland (2019) by Stephanie Barber (US); As Long As There Is Breath (2020) by Emily Chao (US); Amusement Ride (2019) by Tomonari Nishikawa (Japan/US); All My Life (1966) by Bruce Baillie (US); Fallen Arches (2018) by Simon Liu (Hong Kong/United Kingdom); We Carry With Us Our Mother (2019) by Olivia Ciummo (US); Corriente (Stream) (2019) by Diana Sánchez Maciel; Feast (2019) by Mike Hoolboom (Canada); Vever (for Barbara) (2019) by Deborah Stratman (US)



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