May 18–20: CROSSROADS 2012

presented May 18–20 by San Francisco Cinematheque at the Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street in San Francisco
co-presented by Oddball Film+Video
curated by Steve Polta

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CROSSROADS 2012 is sponsored by Ninkasi Brewing

Friday, May 18
7 pm: There is a presence lingering…
Remote (2011) by Jesse McLean; Love Rose (2010) by Bobby Abate; Leonora (2011) by Eliane Lima; With-Me-Not-Me (2011) by Olivia Ciummo; Song for the Collectors (2011) by Tommy Becker; Craig’s Cutting Room Floor (2011) by Linda Scobie; One Way to Find Out (2012) by Scott Stark; The Pool (2011) by Christine Lucy Latimer; Araneae (Compound Eyes No. 4) (2011) by Paul Clipson and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma; The Ape of Nature (2010) by Peggy Ahwesh
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9:30pm: Awe Shocks: Illusion Reigns
rites of alchemy (2011) by Moyah Pravda Newsreel; Village, silenced (2012) by Deborah Stratman; Penumbra Blind (2012) by Christina McPhee; Snakes and Ladders (2011) by Katherin McInnis; movement (2011) by Moyah Pravda Newsreel; Awe Shocks (2011) by Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy; Seeking the Monkey King (2011) by Ken Jacobs
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Saturday, May 19
2pm: Woman with Flowers: Celebrating Chick Strand
Kristallnacht (1979); Soft Fiction (1979); Angel Blue Sweet Wings (1966)
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4:30 pm: Contemplation is a monstrous task…
Don’t Look Directly into the Sun (2010) by Kathleen Rugh; Dark Enough (2011) by Jeanne Liotta; …These Blazeing Starrs! (2011) by Deborah Stratman; End Transmission (2010) by Yin-Ju Chen and James T. Hong; Landfill 16 (2011) by Jennifer Reeves; Curious Light (2011) by Charlotte Pryce; Valleys of Fear (2010) by Erin Espelie
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8:30 pm: APPARENT MOTION: Projection Arts!
Co-presented by ME’DI.ATE
Live projection-performance works
Myth of Persistence (2012) by Gerritt Wittmer and Paul Knowles; The Color Red Bleeds Blue (2011–12) by Kerry Laitala with live score by John Davis; Cipher Screen (2010–12) by Greg Pope with live score by John Hegre
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Sunday, May 20
3 pm: …for there our captors demanded songs of joy
Man Is Always on the Stairs Between the Pleats of Matter and the Fields of the Soul (2011) by Jing Niu; L’eau, l’air et les songes (Water, air and dreams) (2009) by Cécile Ravel and Jean-Marc Manteau; Their Bird (2010) by Rei Hayama; Crusts (2011) by Alexander Stewart; Last Time (2011) by Julia Shirar; Light Licks: By the Waters of Babylon: This Could Be the Last Time (2011) by Saul Levine; A Child Goes Burying Dead Insects (Kodomo ga Mushi no Shigai wo Umeni Iku) by Rei Hayama
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5:30 pm: California Dreaming: Films by Laida Lertxundi
Laida Lertxundi In Person
program sponsored by the Cultural Office of the Consulate General of Spain, San Francisco
Farce Sensationelle! (2009) by Laida Lertxundi; Lemon (1969) by Hollis Frampton; Footnotes to a House of Love (2007) by Laida Lertxundi; My Tears Are Dry (2009) by Laida Lertxundi; All My Life (1966) by Bruce Baillie; Llora Cuando Te Pase/Cry When It Happens (2011) by Laida Lertxundi; A Lax Riddle Unit (2011) by Laida Lertxundi; and Picture and Sound Rushes (1973) by Morgan Fisher.
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7:30 pm: Voices for New Atlantis
9214 (2010) by Takahiro Suzuki; The Voice of God (2010) by Bernd Lützeler; Sounding Glass (2011) by Sylvia Schedelbauer; FF (2010) by Deborah Stratman; River Rites (2011) by Ben Russell; Slow Action (2010) by Ben Rivers
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