Crossroads: Festival schedule announced!

San Francisco Cinematheque is excited to announce the inaugural addition of
APRIL 16-18, 2010


The inaugural edition of Crossroads, the Bay Area’s showcase for recent and rediscovered artist-made works, will present more than three-dozen films and videos over three days in April. All screenings and events occur April 16 to 18, 2010, at the Victoria Theater (2961 16th Street near Mission Street) in San Francisco. General admission tickets are $10 per event (tickets for San Francisco Cinematheque members are $5). The $50 Festival Pass ($30 for Cinematheque members) is good for all programs. For tickets or more information, telephone (415) 552-1990 or visit www.sfcinema.org.

In the wake of an extended hiatus for Portland’s PDX Fest and the demise of the SIFF/NWFF collaboration, Alternate Cinema, in Seattle, San Francisco Cinematheque decided that the West Coast desperately needed a worthy equivalent to the Toronto International Film Festival’s “Wavelengths” or the New York Film Festival’s “Views from the Avant-Garde.” While this first effort is relatively modest in comparison to these landmark events, Cinematheque intends to grow Crossroads into an annual, immersive Bay Area celebration of artist-made work from the Bay Area and beyond.

Crossroads opens Friday, April 16, with a “sneak preview” of MOMENTS OF ILLUMINATION, a featurette-length documentary about legendary filmmaker/animator/artist Lawrence Jordan directed by Kathryn Golden and Ashley James. The film will be followed by the premiere of Jordan’s stunning, just-completed animated work, COSMIC ALCHEMY, and the Crossroads opening night party.

Saturday, April 17, Cinematheque presents an afternoon tribute to Barbara Hammer on the occasion of the publication HAMMER! a new collection of her writings. The day continues with the first of three short film programs throughout the weekend. Each program includes a number of works being screened for the first time anywhere along with a few favorites from other festivals (featuring works by Jennifer Reeves, Peter Rose, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Guy Maddin, Katherin McInnis, Vincent Grenier, Phil Solomon, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Lewis Klahr and many others) along with a handful of rediscoveries. Saturday evening, Crossroads allows for the Bay Area debut of IN THE JUNGLE, Stephanie Barber’s multi-media performance with live musical accompaniment. The second day concludes with the World Premiere of Ken Paul Rosenthal’s remarkable documentary CROOKED BEAUTY.

After two additional short film programs, the events come to a close Sunday, April 18, with the West Coast Premiere of Gideon Koppel’s stunning SLEEP FURIOUSLY, preceded by the Bay Area debut of Ben Rivers’ latest short, I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING.

A full listing of each event appears below. Additional titles and events will be added to the program in the days ahead.

Friday, 16-April | 8:00pm
Opening night of Crossroads presents the opportunity for a pair of firsts: the “sneak preview” of Kathryn Golden and Ashley James’ Moments of Illumination, a fascinating documentary about legendary filmmaker Lawrence Jordan. The film is followed by the premiere of Lawrence Jordan‘s latest film, Cosmic Alchemy! Co-sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society.

Friday, 16-April | 9:30pm
Crossroads opening night party: additional details will be announced closer to the date.

Saturday, 17-April | 1:00pm
The second day of Crossroads begins with a tribute to (and an illustrated lecture from) Barbara Hammer on the recent publication of HAMMER! Making Movies Out of Sex and Life, a collection of her insightful writings. Co-sponsored by Frameline.

Saturday, 17-April | 3:30pm
The first of three short film programs of new and rediscovered works at the festival includes films by Vanessa Woods, Frank Stauffacher, Mark Toscano, Marcy Saude, Bryan Boyce, Caryn Cline, Guy Maddin, Lewis Klahr, Paul Clipson, Karl Lemieux, Shambhavi Kaul and Kriss Salmanis. Curated by Jonathan Marlow.

Saturday, 17-April | 7:00pm
Stephanie Barber returns to San Francisco with the West Coast debut of her performance piece, In the Jungle.

Saturday, 17-April | 9:00pm
The premiere of Ken Paul Rosenthal’s long-awaited Crooked Beauty, a poetic documentary that explores positive and compassionate models for transforming the experience of madness in our culture.

Sunday, 18-April | 2:00pm
The second of three short film programs includes work by Tsen-Chu Hsu, Eddie Kammerer, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Katherin McInnis, Beverly D’Angelo, Vincent Grenier, Robbie Land, Mary Helena Clark, Philip Widman, Linda Scobie, Phil Solomon, and Christopher Harris. Curated by Steve Polta.

Sunday, 18-April | 4:30pm
The final short film program of the festival includes work by Ann Steuernagel, Charles Chadwick, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Jennifer Reeves, Michael Walsh, Barbara Sternberg and Peter Rose. Curated by Vanessa O’Neill.

Sunday, 18-April | 8:00pm
We conclude the First Annual Report of Crossroads with the West Coast premiere of Gideon Koppel’s remarkable Sleep Furiously (which received its U.S. premiere at the Telluride Film Festival) preceded by the Ben Rivers’ short I Know Where I’m Going.